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I thought I would contact you about your (Telajack jack post) product. I like the system very well - it saved me about 4 hours on labor. The product is very well made.  Everyone that has seen them has asked about them, and I have given out your information to several people. One of the sales representatives was on the site the day of the set and was very impressed.  The homeowner likes the fact that, because of the size of the columns, he can later frame around them and totally conceal them. I will be using your product again.

D. Hill
General Contractor

Telajack's initial concept was the inspriration and creation of master builder Howard "Mac" McCaleb. The standard "jack post," or telescoping support post used in most buildings in North America, has had little, if any, innovative changes since its introduction in the late 1940's. These mono-pole thin gauge tubes do not lend themselves to the demands of modern day modular home placement. The unprecedented growth in the modular home industry, in both variety of styles and numbers, produced a need for a foundational and support/leveling system - a need recognized by Mac, who had developed a modular housing market niche and placed over 200 homes in Montana.

Mac's need to eliminate the costly and time consuming center wall supports, masonry block or timber pier columns with their wood shim leveling issues on his modular home sites led to the first conceptual designs. Practical application and lessons learned resulted in a construction change from frabricated weldment bases and tops to heavy duty precision cast components made today.

Mac formed Telajack, LLC with partner Robert Crosier on March 1st, 2007, bringing decades of experience in business, construction, engineering, and fabrication. Telajack, LLC is bonded and insured.

The Telajack jack post is patent pending, and meets or exceeds the minimum requirements needed in most home site conditions. The high load characteristics and rust preventative plating can give home owners generational assurance protection.