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I thought I would contact you about your (Telajack jack post) product. I like the system very well - it saved me about 4 hours on labor. The product is very well made.  Everyone that has seen them has asked about them, and I have given out your information to several people. One of the sales representatives was on the site the day of the set and was very impressed.  The homeowner likes the fact that, because of the size of the columns, he can later frame around them and totally conceal them. I will be using your product again.

D. Hill
General Contractor

Telajack Jack Post are easy to install

Jack Post Installation

Installing Telajack jack posts to lift, level, support, or reinforce is simple.

Step 1: Measure support distance from floor to rim joist, subtracting 4" for top plate and threaded rod.

Step 2: If square tubing is not pre-cut to length, cut 4" shorter than total support height.

Step 3: Set base plate position and place square tubing in base plate.

Step 4: Place top cap on tubing, and srew threaded rod until it stops.

Step 5: Place hex nut on threaded rod, and add top plate and turn until tight.

Step 6: Ajdust hex nut on threaded rod to lock against top plate

Installation example: load bearing wall support and leveling

 Load bearing wall support and leveling with Telajack jack post installation

1. Double top plate construction
2. Telajack plate fastened with 3/8 x 1 1/2" lag bolts (2)
3. Threaded rod enables leveling to the hundredth of an inch over a 4" range
4. Strong top cap with deep cup to fully support square tubing
5. Square steel tubing can be cut to length on-site or pre-cut at the shop
6. Three fastening options:

  - 3/8" x 1 1/2" lag bolts (2)
  - 3/8" anchors (2) for "on-slab" installation
  - 5/8" anchor for "on-slab" and foundation installation

Sample load table for 2 1/2" sq x 11 ga tubing

2 1/2 x 2 1/2"
Square Tube
Tubing Wall Thickness
1/8" 3/16" 1/4"
12" 24,940 34,440 43,790
24" 24,080 33,160 42,110
48" 21,790 29,800 37,600
72" 18,880 25,550 31,850
96" 15,410 20,450 25,230
120" 11,340 14,500 17,390
144" 7,890 10,200 12,040
168" 5,800 7,480 8,920
192" 4,430    

Remember to measure from floor to rim joist on modular homes, and subtract 4 inches in order to get the full adjustment of the jack post. Always keep jack posts in an upright position, and check for plumb. Holes have been added in the top plate to accommodate 3/8' and 1 1/2" lag bolts. Bottom plates can be installed using 3/8" anchors if desired, or you have leveling lines to set in concrete footings.