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Telajack adustable jack posts feature a vertical distance range from 10" to 24'

Telajack Jack Post are easy to install

Adjustable Jack Posts by Telajack

Telajack is a revolutionary adjustable jack post system used to quickly and easily lift and level foundations, load bearing walls in site-built homes, load bearing walls in modular homes, and support basements, beams, decks, stairs, docks, and even mining roofs.

Capable up supporting up to 60,000 pounds, Telajack features heavy duty precision cast components that easily adjust to the application height required. A durable threaded rod enables close tolerance leveling to the hundredth of an inch over a 4” range.  For the ultimate installation convenience, Telajack’s narrow profile enables it to be easily placed within a standard 2 x 4” wall (using 2 ½ x 2 ½” tubing). 

By comparison, most standard jack posts are manufactured with thin gauge telescoping tubes that do not meet standard building codes or fit within standard 2 x 4” walls.

Combining Telajack with the Cable-Tite uplift prevention system produces the definitive home protection solution for high wind situations.

Standard square tubing can be cut to accommodate installation from 10" to 24' with the Telajack jack post.
Telajack can be used in confined spaces from 10 inches to an impressive expansion height of 24 feet. The ability to easily accommodate custom installation flexibility gives users unparalleled design freedom, cost and time savings.

Place your order or contact a Telajack representative to begin using the building product of the future today!